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The Barn Theatre has facilities for the disabled including wheel-chair access.

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 OUR  250th - YES Two Hundred and Fifty productions - amazing isn't it!!

This will be Director Bob Ryder's twenty second Wick production since 1991

Southwick Society, Heritage Centre, Manor Cottage, Southwick Street , Southwick hosts an exhibition celebrating 60 years of the Wick Theatre Company 

Every SATURDAY morning - 10.30 / 12.30 -
Aug 23rd to Sep 27th
(open until 16.00 on September 13th)


For more than 60 years Wick Theatre Company has been part of the beating heart of the community, and this year celebrates its 250th production.

Pivotal in the creation of The Barn Theatre over 60 years ago,
Wick has performed there ever since.

This exhibition aims to celebrate Wick by
revisiting some shows, with original production photographs, programmes, press cuttings and reminiscences of company members.

Take a trip down memory lane with us, and relive highlights of
the past 66 years.

Devised and curated by Amanda Evans.


The final play of one of the world's greatest playwrights.  The Cherry Orchard is a 'classic' in every sense, writes Director Bob Ryder.

"We're in Russia, back in 1900.  On a run-down country estate the old world of the privileged landowners is starting to crumble.  It's a world that will soon be tumbling into violent revolution.

At the centre pf this fragile place stands the beloved cherry orchard itself.  We may never see it, but its presence is always felt.  Finally we may even hear it falling to the first blows of the axe.

This is a ground-breaking play, astonishingly fresh and modern, and rightly considered one of the finest works of all drama.

It is the strangest of comedies.  We meet more than a dozen wonderful characters, most of then troubled or eccentric.  But out of their tears and emotions, comes some of the funniest and most touching observation of human life you are likely to see."


located south of the Community Centre, opposite entrance to Southwick Square.  Car park situated near by.  BN42 4TE puts you in the area!

R.I.P  Joan Bearman passed away July 29 2014  R.I.P
Wick Theatre Company sends love to Joan's family and friends
Our future productions

Brighton and Hove Arts Council Drama Awards - 2013

At the BHAC Drama Awards ceremony for 2013, Wick's production of Death of a Salesman won two categories.

Guy Steddon won the title of Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Biff.

Rhys Skilling and Andy Viney won the prize for Best Sound Design.

The overall winner was Brighton Little Theatre for its production of Loveplay by Moira Buffini - congratulations to all.

The full details are listed on our And There's More page.



Our History


ON THIS SITE you'll find information about Wick Theatre Company's productions, the company and its history;
over 240 productions. 
Each is listed in its year of performance with cast and crew detailed as closely as archive material permits.

Press reviews
where available have been scrupulously copied from material gathered together
by Ralph Dawes and Ray Hopper and from members' own scrapbooks. 

Along the way Wick have entered [and won] a number of  Arts and Drama Festivals across Sussex
and brief notes have been included in the section And There's More!

Search the Directory  for a production or year or use the engine at the top of the page to reach any piece of data spread across the site.


Our archives


Wick Theatre Company have three archives:
[1] this web site

[2] a physical collection of documents, including news cuttings, programmes, leaflets, membership lists

[3] photographs taken down through the years - many are digitised by Ray Hopper


We strive to maintain our reputation as one of the South Coast's premier Amateur Drama companies.